Our live online example is based on a small fictional Fire & Rescue Service with the structure outlined below.

The Newshire Fire & Rescue Service (NFRS) consists of two Areas, each with an Area Headquarters and four Fire Stations, and an FRS Headquarters. Each location (except the two Area Headquarters) has a wireless access point with Fire Stations having a number of appliances with Station Commanders/Managers. The Headquarters and the Area Headquarters, have a number of Senior Officers.

Senior Officers, at the FRS and Area Headquarters, have been issued with SAN C radio terminals, which are installed with a car kit in their vehicles. Every appliance has a SAN A radio terminal and an MDT.

Please note that although the NFRS example is small in size, the Firelink Asset Register has no limit to the amount of data that can be stored. In fact, the assets of the whole of the UK Fire & Rescue Service can be stored in one application.

Firelink Asset Register